Dr. Meindert E. Manshande

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Oral Presentation - Recognizing non-accidental Injury by physical child abuse


Meindert Manshande is currently a general pediatrician and head of the department of pediatrics at the St Elisabeth Hospital in Curaçao.
He received his degrees both at the universities of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium). During his study, he completed his internships in Cape Town (South Africa) and in Curaçao.
In 2012 he initiated his career as a pediatric chief resident in the St Elisabeth Hospital in Curaçao and in 2013 Dr. Manshande became head of the pediatric department and as a general pediatrician. His main clinical and research focus is pediatric hematology and oncology.
Currently Dr. Manshande works, among others, on protocols for neonatal screening for hemoglobinopathies and congenital hypothyroidism and is co-writer in publications, among others on the recent Chikungunya and Zika virus epidemics in Curaçao.