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Drs Melva Croes-Yánez


Clinical Neuropsychologist and healthcare provider Drs. Melva Croes-Yánez was educated at the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. In 1990 she earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Neuropsychology and soon after started her private practice, Neuropsychological Ambulatory Aruba (N.A.A.).

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Dr. Robert Winter

Art Therapist

University Professor Dr. Robert Winter represents an extended resource together with his expertise in the field of Art therapy in our well-established practice, available now also to the Caribbean region.


About N.A.A.

Neuropsychological Ambulatory Aruba (N.A.A.) was officially established on June 1stt, 1991. At this time the application of neuropsychology in Aruba was most likely only known to few local academics. Because the general public, then, was not aware of this discipline and its terminologies, Drs. Croes-Yánez launched an awareness campaign and providing several workshops, courses and lectures that include both, laypersons as professionals. The objectives were directed towards a better understanding of the role of the brain as the main driver of most, if not all, (not directly) observed behavioral disorders, attention deficits, learning disabilities, language/speech difficulties, and so on. The topics to these events included among others: ADHD, Dyslexia, Alzheimer’s and other related (neuro-)cognitive dysfunctions/disorders, neurodevelopment disorders, drug & gambling addictions, etc. Over 25 years Drs. Croes-Yánez worked in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Harry van der Vlugt, one of the prominent pioneers in the field of Clinical Neuropsychology, until his passing in December 2016. This collaborative patient-centered practice resulted in an extremely high quality of neuropsychological diagnostics and reports and has aided in the continuous development of Drs. Croes-Yánez in the field of neuropsychology. This collaboration with Prof. Dr. Harry van der Vlugt has become vital for the mutual professional relationship internationally. It is here that our practice and reports have withstood the test of critical reviews and were deemed of quality for further treatment/intervention abroad. One last, yet very important aspect of our reports is the cross-cultural aspect of our neuropsychological diagnosis in relation to further treatment or interventions. In 2011 Drs. Croes-Yánez also started to collaborate across disciplines of Art Therapy & Neuropsychology together with Professor Robert Winter, an internationally renowned Art Therapist/Anthropologist. This blending of disciplines resulted to this date into an interdisciplinary approach in detection and intervention of dysfunctions in sensory processing, (neuro-)cognitive and psychosocial behavior. This collaboration resulted in courses and workshops on Art Therapy and: learning disabilities, (neuro-)cognitive disabilities/disorders in adults, (neuro-)development and emotional disorders in children, abuse & violence, etc. As an interdisciplinary team with the late Professor Dr. van der Vlugt, Dr. Winter, and others, Drs. Croes-Yánez also gave several of the abovementioned courses, workshops and lectures in Curaçao and Aruba. At the same time Drs. Croes-Yánez also maintained her practice on assessments and diagnostics of neurocognitive conditions. In the beginning all sessions were private until the National Insurance Company (AZV) recognized Dr. Croes-Yánez as a specialist in clinical neuropsychology in Aruba. In May 2012, AZV discontinued the referrals to N.A.A. To this date Dr. Croes-Yánez is still running a successful independent and private practice in (Clinical) Neuropsychology and is listed in the Cross-Cultural Referrals Database of the International Liaison Committee of the International Neuropsychological Society (INS) for the Dutch Caribbean. Neuropsychological Ambulatory is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Aruba (DS 11536.0).